Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baseball/Softball Season

Completely off the topic of loans today. I love baseball/softball season. I love watching the kids grow and improve. I enjoy watching the competitiveness between rival schools and then the camaraderie after the game. I also love that in one aspect of our lives there is still competition and that it welcomed. In so many facets of our children's lives our society has made competing an ugly word. The world is all about competition, growing from it, learning from it and becoming better because of it. I hope our children know that when the get into the real world, they will have to compete for everything.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Still Here!

Just in case anyone was worried, I am still in the lending business. The government did not scare me away and I am still helping clients purchase homes with Ability Mortgage. Though after a rough few weeks, I needed some motivation. If you receive my e-magazine you may have seen this, but if you ever just needed a little motivation this is a great 2 minutes!